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  3. Notice Bulletin

    • Shandong Xinqiao Industrial Co., Ltd.
    •   Shandong xin'qiao Industrial Co. Ltd. is located in the Jiangbei largest steel market - Tai'an manzhuang steel market, located in the northern foot of Taishan, 66 km away from Ji'nan City, South three resort 66 kilometers in Qufu City, Shandong province is located in the "mountain, water, a saint" tourist hot point. The company covers an area of 120 acres, West Beijing Fuzhou, Beijing Shanghai high-speed and 104..



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    Tai'an Xinqiao Pioneer Metals Corporation headquarters is located in Shandong province.


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    Mailbox:taxinqiao@163.com    Website:www.weixin006.com
    Shandong Xinqiao Industrial Co., Ltd.  Copyright         Technical support:Nuodun Network
    Headquarters:0538-8151706    Fax:0538-8151704 Address:The new North Road of the steel market of Tai'ant
    Branch:0538-5018001      Fax:0538-5018004 Address:Tai'an national Mountain Center

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